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Davin’s c2java J.T.W., Emacs Lisp and Lisp++ stuff

File Contents File Name File Size
Davin’s C to Java translator: c2java c2java-1.21-20170702-140337.tar.gz
1267 KB
Davin’s J.T.W. and Lisp++ Book (the front and back cover): both-sides8-20170704-184641.pdf
2949 KB
Davin’s J.T.W. and Lisp++ Book (the pages of the book) book8-20170723-180520.pdf
1291 KB
Davin’s Full Version of GNU Emacs: dlisp-20170720-115810.tar.gz
1175 KB
Java Training Wheels (J.T.W.) language. File for novices to download before they can do any programming in J.T.W. and also documentation for the J.T.W. language. java-training-wheels.tar.gz
1203 KB
C++ to Lisp++ and the Lisp++ to C++ translators and libd I/O library: c++2lisp++2c++-20170720-115843.tar.gz
1894 KB
Allegro Version 4.0.3 games library: This file should be extracted to the c:\ drive. allegro-4.0.3-20170428-194245.tar.gz
11909 KB
MinGW C/C++ compiler and operating system in itself: This file should be extracted to the c:\ drive. mingw32-20170201-080001.tar.gz
167610 KB
Othello Lisp++ source code: Othello-source-code-20161029-204114.tar.gz
1038 KB
Arithmetickles Lisp++ source code: Arithmetickles-source-code-20161029-204115.tar.gz
2060 KB
archive-compare.el a file integrity checker archive-compare-20161029-204058.tar.gz
4 KB
A file backup system backup-system-20161029-204058.tar.gz
8 KB
cbrow.el class browser cbrow-20161029-204058.tar.gz
26 KB
cfm.el current function or method cfm-20161029-204058.tar.gz
15 KB
directory-files-deep.el for a recursive directory listing directory-files-deep-20161029-204058.tar.gz
12 KB
dired-colours.el for colourising dired buffers dired-colours-20170413-200800.tar.gz
12 KB
d-appt.el improvement over d-appt.el d-appt-20170413-200808.tar.gz
630 KB
d-dabbrev.el improvement over dabbrev.el d-dabbrev-20170413-200801.tar.gz
3 KB
d-flock.el my personal font lock preferences d-flock-20170413-200801.tar.gz
35 KB
d-groups.el for colour coded groups d-groups-20170413-200802.tar.gz
13 KB
d-latexize.el a custom fontification engine for LaTeX d-latexize-20170413-200809.tar.gz
13 KB
d-meal-timer.el for a timer feature d-meal-timer-20170413-200801.tar.gz
71 KB
d-readonly.el for setting important buffers to be read-only d-readonly-20170413-200801.tar.gz
1 KB
d-recent.el improvement over recentf.el d-recent-20170413-200801.tar.gz
23 KB
d-speedbar for showing the functions or methods in a file d-speedbar-20170413-200802.tar.gz
41 KB
d-testlinks.el for validating hyperlinks in a web page d-testlinks-20170413-200800.tar.gz
142 KB
rsi-brk.el an Repetitive Strain Injury prevention system rsi-brk-20170413-200800.tar.gz
5 KB
trashcan.el a recoverable file deletion system trashcan-20161029-204058.tar.gz
6 KB

Davin’s Games (see davin.50webs.com/games)

File Contents File Name File Size
Arithmetickles game: Arithmetickles-Version-1.4-Setup-20130407-151928.exe
2871 KB
Connect Four game: Connect-Four-Setup-20070701-185434.exe
1186 KB
Dangerous Driving II game: DD-20-20101221-161546.zip
934 KB
Othello game: Othello-Version-1.0-Setup-20120428-152024.exe
1235 KB
R4 Rocketman 90’s retro space game: R4-Version-1.9-Setup-20130418-164742.exe
3473 KB
R4 source code: R4-Source-Code-20161026-214513.tar.gz
4060 KB
Tritus II game: Tritus-II-Version-1.4-Setup-20091221-182442.exe
1914 KB
Tritus II source code: Tritus-II-Source-Code-20161026-214507.tar.gz
2040 KB

Davin’s Mathematics

File Contents File Name File Size
Function plotter: Function-Plotter-Version-1.0-Setup-20101221-161526.exe
690 KB
Relation plotter: Relation-Plotter-Version-1.0-Setup.exe
739 KB
Plotter source code: Plotter-Source-Code-20161026-214505.tar.gz
47 KB

Webdesign Tutorials (see davin.50webs.com/webdesign)

File Contents File Name File Size
Webdesign tutorial 1: webdesign-tutorial-01.tar.gz
1 KB
Webdesign tutorial 2: webdesign-tutorial-02.tar.gz
0 KB
Webdesign tutorial 4: webdesign-tutorial-04.tar.gz
14 KB
Webdesign tutorial 6: webdesign-tutorial-06.tar.gz
1 KB
Webdesign tutorial 7: webdesign-tutorial-07.tar.gz
139 KB
Webdesign tutorial 8: webdesign-tutorial-08.tar.gz
12 KB
Webdesign tutorial 9: webdesign-tutorial-09.tar.gz
12 KB
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